Happy Spring, everyone!

Be prepared!

Henry is ready for anything – including a bigger Totoro t-shirt!

Today’s creation is a chocolate peanut butter icebox cake – which will come along when everyone goes to see Grandma and Grandpa’s new house!

For the sake of future us, I’ll tell you that we’re in a tough spot right now. Across the country – the world, actually – we’re all locked down and trying to avoid COVID-19. It’s making us all insane with a slow burn of worry and cabin fever.

Jenny sent this along to let me know they’re doing just fine. About the same as here, I’d say.

Henry and Mommy went around the neighborhood looking for flowers and fire hydrants. They were not disappointed!

Pink cupcakes with yellow frosting mean Spring is here!

Ruby styled Henry’s hair, and then Henry styled Ruby’s.

Always looking for ways to keep busy, Ruby and Henry had a treasure hunt.

In case you are reading this a year or so in the future: I am writing this while we’re all trapped inside waiting out COVID-19. It’s a scary, boring time.

To relieve some of the boredom, yesterday Ruby went to Jenny’s office to do some schoolwork. Today they went for a bike ride, then went to visit the fish in aneighbor’s pond.

Here’s Ruby proving that you don’t need a special occasion to look your best.

And both kids enjoying the lovely spring-like weather!

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